Organisasi Syarikat



ELHAM-Q MALAYSIA SDN BHD is a 100% Malaysian (Bumiputera) company incorporated under the Malaysian ROC (Registration of Companies) Commission. The 3 founders of the company are managing the organization as Managing Director, Executive Director and Operation Director respectively.  

Pn. Zainab Mohamed Nor (Managing Director)

·   Graduated in Finance and a Chartered Accountant. Has a vast knowledge and experiences in Banking, Asset Management and Property domestic and abroad. She also holds responsibility as a chairman and shareholders in a few plantation companies.

En. Shawal Akbar Mohamed (Executive Director)

·    Graduated from Stanford University, Switzerland in Revenue Management. Has enormous experience in hospitality industry especially hotel & resorts. Hands-on in food processing, manufacturing and franchising. Has vast exposure in domestic and foreign business operation especially Indonesia, Singapore & UAE.

En. Ali Sharif Mokiah (Director Operation)

·     Expert in food processing and packaging.




YM Tengku Aziz Tengku Hassan (Finance)

·    Has vast experience in financial management. Sits in the BOD for financial advisory at all groups of companies in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Yg Bhg Dato Abdul Karim Alvi (Administration)

·    Has enormous knowledge and experience in foreign business operation and trading. Sits in the BOD in a few companies in Malaysia and Singapore.

Yg Bhg Ustaz Zamzuri Yaakub Al-Hafiz (Syariah/Islamic Law)

·    Graduated for University of Al-Azhar. Has huge knowledge and experience Syariah Laws. JAKIM certified for HALAL and related Syariah Laws practices.

Yg Bhg Hj. Mohd Nor (Operation - Logistic & Distribution)

·    Retiree from Malaysian Navy and marine services. Has vast knowledge and experience in logistic and distribution.